A visit to Old St. Luke’s Church, Carnegie, PA.

The number of times my wife or I have driven past Old St. Luke’s Church in Carnegie, PA., is likely in the hundreds. And numerous times the much better half has told me that she’d like to stop in and see it.

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jun2017

Today, we did that. (Here’s a story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette noting the historical marker placed on the site in the summer of 2001.)

What a treat!

You’ll notice from the website (mentioned above) and in a couple of my photos below that there also is a cemetery on the grounds. You’ll find people who passed away many years ago buried here.

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jun2017

Jane Williams caught my attention. According to the church’s records, she was born in 1762 and passed away in 1795. She is the oldest person buried here; and although her headstone is impossible to read, I was able to find it because of the information available through the church.

Jane Williams grave marker; Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jun2017

I couldn’t help but wonder what life must have been like for Ms. Williams; she lived only 33 years but she would have known the Revolutionary War period.

Enjoy a few additional photos.

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jun2017

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jun2017

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jun2017

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