Party whose founder called the Pope the “Antichrist” is the Conservatives governing partner in the U.K.; prime minister in peril

St. George’s Hall, Liverpool, 13March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

The Intercept takes a closer look at the DUP, which has agreed to be a coalition partner with the Conservatives in the United Kingdom.

The party, founded by the virulently anti-Catholic, evangelical preacher Ian Paisley — who once denounced Pope John Paul II to his face as “the Antichrist” — still includes fundamentalist Christians who believe in creationism but not climate science, and have fought to keep U.K. laws permitting both abortion and same-sex marriage from being implemented in Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister Theresa May had to find a coalition partner because her party lost the majority it had in parliament following Thursday’s elections.

But she’s still in danger of being tossed aside as the head of government. As the Washington Post reports,

The pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to step aside following a humiliating election result grew Saturday, with her two top aides resigning, a leading newspaper pronouncing her “fatally wounded” and a former minister acknowledging that Tories were plotting possible replacements via the messaging service WhatsApp.

The calls for her to go can be heard on this side of the pond as well, and the prime minister’s former spokesman is quoted as saying that she is without a real friend.

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