You are approached by Odyssey to write. WALK AWAY!

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 26Nov2016

Fortune examines the mistakes made at Odyssey, an online website popular with college students.

In total, 55, or more than a third, of Odyssey’s staff was let go. Those in the company’s new swanky NoHo office returned to their desks, packed up, and left. Amid the commotion, the remaining workers huddled in the kitchen. …

Odyssey targeted unpaid college kids who were well-versed in social media.

Starting as a network of print publications at college campuses, the company added a digital version in 2014 and relaunched as a tech-focused media startup. By the end of 2016, its staff had swelled to more than 150, and its network of unpaid college-aged writers had skyrocketed past 10,000.

The UNPAID college-aged writers.

Well, yes, but they get experience, which they need to get a job.

They’d get the same experience writing their own blog.

But there would be a professional editing their work.

Oh, really? Allow me to quote the Fortune article.

In order to handle the volume — editors were expected to publish at least 240 articles in two days — multiple former employees say there was no time for any real editing. Instead, the process consisted of scanning an article with online proofreading tool, checking the headline for blatant errors, and publishing as quickly as possible.

“It was becoming spam,” says one former assistant managing editor. “They didn’t care about the content. One of my writers had plagiarized a Vogue article, but I can’t really blame her because we were pressuring them to get their article count up.”

Yeah, but…

I think we’re done here.

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