Meet (and watch) Gideon Yapp, a high school student who went on a tirade on an Asian teacher

NOTE: I inadvertently referred to Yapp as a “teacher” in the original post. I’ve edited it to correctly reflect he’s a student. 

When KCBS posted its story, Yapp wasn’t identified by name. Shortly thereafter, he was.

The Daily Mail explores what happened when Yapp, a California high school student, went on a tirade in a classroom and against one of his teachers, who is Asian.

The student then aggressively fronts up to the professor and yells: ‘You do not come up to me and get in my goddamn face.’

Hsu, who is clearly trying to walk back to the front of the class to continue with the lesson, replies: ‘All right, go sit down.’

But that outrages the student to the point he launches another verbal attack.

‘No, you go sit down, come up to me like that, who the f*** do you think you are,’ Yapp cries, as the teacher walks back to his desk at sits down.

Suffice to say it gets worse from there.

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