Just how bad could Brexit be for the UK?

Liverpool, 8March2015, Photo by Anthony Moretti

Chances are you (certainly I) never pay attention to trucks carrying goods entering the country. But as the Guardian’s Will Hutton notes, as the UK discusses how it will exit the EU,

There is no corner of British economic life that does not face disruption bleeding into mayhem as a consequence of no deal. The politician who declares that no deal is better than a bad deal is either supremely ignorant – or lying.

The words “no deal” were mentioned by Theresa May, the UK’s prime minister, the other day. If that happens, Hutton reminds his readers, then every single truck carrying goods into or out of the UK will be checked to ensure that proper tariffs are being paid.

Think about the delays 14,000 inspected trucks would cause.

The Telegraph asks an important question: What exactly would happen if there is no deal by March 2019? It suggests no one really knows.

Meanwhile, EU nationals are abandoning UK universities, fearing that their rights as citizens of the EU will not be relevant once Brexit is finalized. Perhaps even more ominous is the reality that EU governments would not be obligated to share with the British any information relating to terrorism.

Recognizing that Manchester and London have been scenes of terror attacks in recent days, that sharing of information seems all the more important.

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