An open letter to ISIS

Dear idiots,

This letter won’t be long. It doesn’t have to be.

You’re not winning.

You might think that regular terror attacks, brutal killings and the destruction of historically rich cities will make the Western world cower in fear.

Ain’t happening.

You’re losing in every possible arena in which you seek to compete — public relations, large swaths of supporters, presumed strength.

Your hate masquerading as representing a great religion falls on billions of deaf ears. Oh, sure, the occasional disenfranchised malcontent joins you. Yes, you’ll grab a lonely, desperate figure every now and then. You’ll succeed in warping the thinking of a few young men who will conclude dozens of pure women await him if he kills himself and others.

But for every one you get, you lose millions.

ISIS, you’re sad.

You’re hopeless.

You’re losing.

And that won’t change.

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