An open letter to the comedienne who thought it wise to post pictures of her beheading President Trump

Photo: Anthony Moretti

Dear Person Who Shall Not Be Named,

Your suggestion that it’s acceptable to behead anyone is disgusting. Your suggestion that it’s acceptable to behead the President of the United States ought to make you unemployable.

I’m a free speech advocate, so I’ll agree with anyone who says that you shouldn’t be thrown in jail for what you did. But I’m not going to defend your actions.

You wouldn’t have found it funny if someone had faked the beheading of President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders or anyone else who (I presume) you admire. You certainly wouldn’t consider such an act funny if it had been another human being and posted by ISIS or some other terrorist organization. You most definitely wouldn’t have had a smirk on your face if it had been your head sliced off by someone trying to make a point.

You’ve embarrassed yourself in a way that can’t be fixed. No apology will be appropriate; and if you were to offer one, it would come across as a forced act and a mere PR stunt.

You’re an embarrassment to the men and women who use comedy and satire. What you did isn’t funny. It crosses a line between respect and blood lust. It’s sick.

Perhaps you are too.

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