French president, to Russian counterpart: Quit calling RT and Sputnik news organizations

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The Hill reports that French president Emmanuel Macron addressed his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, today and told him that two prominent Russian news agencies are, in reality, government propaganda organs.

Macron, standing alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin, said RT and Sputnik “behaved like structures of the government” instead of independent news channels. During his presidential race, Macron had banned reporters from the organizations from his campaign headquarters.

It didn’t take long for RT to respond, suggesting

RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan said that Macron’s attack on a news outlet he disagrees with is a threat to freedom of speech.

Despite the numerous accusations made throughout the duration of the French presidential campaign, to this day not a single example, not a single piece of evidence, has been presented to support the claims that RT spread any slander or ‘fake news’ about Mr. Macron,” Simonyan said in a statement. “By labeling any news reporting he disagrees with ‘fake news,’ President Macron sets a dangerous precedent that threatens both freedom of speech and journalism at large.”

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