Think Trump is going to become what you want him to be?

Photos: Anthony Moretti 20July2016

Put Donald Trump in a grand palace, and he’s home. He relishes the fancy lightning, the artwork, the grandeur.

Put him anywhere else, and he’s a flop.

The president’s dreadful address to his fellow leaders of NATO countries and his shoving of the prime minister of Montenegro showed one more time — and how many times have there been in his still young term? — that this man is not fit for the international stage.

And will someone show the man how to properly shake another person’s hand. Trump’s awkward handshake with the president of France marked at least the second time in his term that the president has engaged in a headline-making handshake.

Whether he feels inadequate around his fellow leaders, becomes frustrated because he can’t bully them or fails to understand the decorum of leadership, Trump is a boor when he’s away from the safety of the White House, one of his many homes or the beautiful palace.

He won’t change. He can’t change. And that means that for however long he is the President of the United States, a majority of Americans must simply shake their head as they watch him embarrass himself or the country.

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