The president is more like a monarch. (And he doesn’t even know it.)

St. George’s Hall, Liverpool, 13March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

The British know a thing or two about monarchy. They know a thing or two about the machinations of a king or queen as the legitimate head of state.

At least one Brit thinks that Americans have tried to label Donald Trump all sorts of things. And in doing so, the one label that does fit has been ignored: monarch.

Niall Ferguson makes his compelling case in The Times.

Ferguson compares Trump to King George III, noting

There are four characteristics of monarchy with which Americans urgently need to reacquaint themselves. The first is that the monarch’s personality and mood matter a great deal. …

The second distinctive feature of monarchy is that politics is not ideological but a matter of court faction and intrigue. …

The third feature of royal politics is that the most dangerous opposition to the court comes not from the press but from the country. …

The fourth and final point is that monarchs are remembered less for their domestic policies — who now remembers where George III left the British income tax? — than for their foreign policies.

Ferguson contends that Trump will not be impeached and will not resign. In fact, he argues

…Trump has time to improve his kingship — and Americans have got time to get used to monarchical government.

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