An open letter to Vice President Mike Pence

Photo: Anthony Moretti 16July2016

Dear Vice President Pence,

Your moment is here. It might never come again.

The country needs someone from the Republican Party to stand up, and then loudly and convincingly tell President Trump to either start acting like the leader of the nation or quit.

The president showed he was an embarrassment before the election; the rhetoric he used to describe his political opponents and people he didn’t like too often was disgraceful. Since he assumed the office of the President of the United States, Mr. Trump has weaved from the stereotype of the somewhat crazy grandfather to someone so lacking in commonsense that the threat to democracy is evident.

The man in the White House should never suggest it is acceptable to grab women by the *****. The man in the White House should never angrily and dismissively call reputable journalism agencies “fake news” outlets. The man in the White House should never play politics with the FBI, the State Department and similar governmental groups.

And the man in the White House should never reveal classified information to the representatives of another country, and especially when that country might have information that could blackmail him.

Yet, this president has done all those things. And no one within your party has told him he must stop.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan doesn’t have the guts to be that person. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is an even lighter weight than Rep. Ryan. Other figures in your party appear either too scared to take on Trump, fear the fallout if they do or simply are spineless.

I’d list their names here, but that would deflect from my point: It’s you, sir. It must be you who makes clear to the president that his bluster, rudeness, and idiocy must stop.

If you don’t but then do replace Mr. Trump one day, then you’ll have far less respect from the American people than you’ll need to do your job. And when the time comes to decide whether to keep you or replace you, the voters will send you back to Indiana.

Do the right thing, Mr. Vice President. The country deserves no less.

Thank you.


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