Eliot Cohen has destroyed President Trump

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017

The name Eliot Cohen might not mean anything to you. But when it comes to understanding the intricacies of diplomacy — and secrecy — he’s got the credentials to back up whatever it is he is saying.

Writing on Atlantic.com, Cohen has point by point dissected and shredded President Trump for whatever important information he might have revealed to the Russians in a recent White House meeting.

Read what he writes, and do so carefully.

Perhaps the most important part of his argument appears when he states

If Trump has indeed compromised a source of information, it is not merely a betrayal of an ally’s trust: It is an act that will jeopardize a whole range of relationships. After all, the Director of Central Intelligence cannot very well say, “Don’t worry, we won’t share that with the president.” So now everybody—even our closest allies like the United Kingdom—would be well-advised to be careful with what they share with us. That is a potential intelligence debacle for us, but the danger goes beyond that. If any foreign government harbored lingering illusions about the administration’s ability to protect any information, including sensitive but non-intelligence matters like future foreign-policy initiatives or military deployments, they no longer do.

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