Trump and Erdogan. A meeting of two leaders on borrowed political time?

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The non-stop controversies surrounding President Trump have his critics thinking (hoping?) he’ll be impeached before his term ends.

Next week, Trump meets with his Turkish counterpart, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan might be on equally thin political ice. At least that’s what a professor at one Canadian university thinks.

Writing on the, Ozay Mehmet suggests

He is furious for having lost big cities like Istanbul and Ankara. He is aiming to “punish” those inside the party for these losses, but the political dyke is bursting. This time he may not prevent a collapse. His imminent cabinet shuffle is likely to lead to further fragmentation within ranks, and there is talk of Abdullah Gul, the former (and highly respected) president and others forming a new party.

In the next presidential elections, set for 2019, or possibly earlier, RTE could well be defeated, if confronted by a credible runner.

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