Jordanian king and queen both make news

The Embassy of Jordan in Washington DC celebrates Jordan’s 68th Independence Day and the Jordan Armed Forces Day; photo: Jordanian embassy to the U.S. website

It sure looks like a coordinated public relations campaign (and there’s nothing wrong with that). The king and queen of Jordan prominently make news on the same day.

The Los Angeles Times examines how the king has managed to juggle being an ally of the U.S. and Russia, prominent adversaries of the civil war in Syria, a nation that borders Jordan, and states

Jordan’s increased involvement has also been noted by Islamic State. In early April, the group issued a 21-minute video vowing to conduct attacks in the country. The threats were delivered by five Jordanian members of Islamic State, all from prominent tribal families that are thought to be loyal to Jordan.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s queen has granted The Times an extensive interview. At one point, she says,

“I am quite good at learning from people around me. And I am very lucky to be living with someone who leads with such compassion and conviction and integrity,” she adds. “I know you may think I am just toeing the official line, but seeing every challenge we face and how he handled it, I become a bigger fan of his.”

Jordan’s neighbors appear to be in perpetual war. If you are in the middle of Jordan and look east, you find Iraq. Look to the north, and there is Syria. Look to the northwest and the west, and there are Israel and Palestine. Saudi Arabia is to the south.

It is not hard to understand why the royal family might be seeking to raise its international profile as tense times remain evident every day.



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