Quite an interview: Katie Couric interviews Russian embassy spokesperson Maria Zakharova

The Kremlin’s walls

A fascinating roughly 25:00 interview between Yahoo! News’ Katie Couric and Maria Zakharova, the Russian Embassy spokesperson in the U.S.

Among the highlights:

  1. Zakharova immediately challenges Couric for suggesting Vladimir Putin heads a “regime.”
  2. Zakharova bemoans the development of fake news about Russia in the U.S. during President Obama’s eight years in the White House; she doesn’t place the blame on Obama personally but makes clear her belief that fake news gained strength while he was the head of state.
  3. Zakharova suggests that in the absence of evidence, it is not fair to claim her country tried to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Moreover, she says that Russia has no interest in who wins an election in any other country but its own. (This article from the Atlantic suggests that Kremlin interference is clear to anyone who looks.)
  4. Zakharova called the recent airstrikes in Syria “unacceptable.”
  5. Zakharova draws parallels to the immediate judgment in the West that it was Syrian president Bashar al-Assad who ordered a chemical attack against his people to Colin Powell’s claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
  6. Zakharova says Russia is investigating whether gays are being tortured in Chechnya, though she desperately tried to dodge questions about the issue.
  7. Zakharova argues that it is the United States that continues to stoke aggression along the Korean peninsula. She insists that diplomacy is the way to solve the crisis.
  8. Zakharova says it is up to Edward Snowden to decide how long he wishes to remain in Moscow.
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