Tweeting “Trump Must Hang” is wrong. Plain wrong.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that a lecturer at one California university learned a valuable lesson: Using social media to propagate dangerous language is plain wrong.

Mr. Maischak wrote that he did not intend to harm anyone with his messages, and that he had sought forgiveness from people “who felt threatened or offended by them.”

“With 28 followers on Twitter at the time, I never expected them to be read by anyone but a close circle of acquaintances who would know to place them in their context,” he wrote. “To treat Twitter as of no more consequence than a journal was a poor decision.”

Mr. Maischak’s tweets, originally posted in February, ignited a firestorm after a writer for Breitbart News featured them in an article last weekend.

Perhaps posting the tweet to begin with was an even poorer decision?

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