Tulsi Gabbard, to liberal critics: Shut up and listen

Photo from Gabbard’s official Congressional website

Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard drew the ire of the left after she questioned whether Syrian president Bashar al-Assad ordered a chemical weapons attack on his people. The belief that Assad did order the attack so outraged Donald Trump that it led him to order a missile salvo.

The American Thinker suggests Gabbard’s critics might be standing on weak ground.

What they were criticizing was Gabbard’s tendency to do her own thinking on issues, in this case calling for a U.S. investigation to show evidence that there really was a regime-sponsored chemical attack in Syria. It was a respectable sort of skepticism even if most of us think it’s a little Ron Paul-ish. Whatever it was, it wouldn’t hurt to do it, to get the truth out given the looney tales emanating from Bashar al-Assad and his allies about what really happened. It wasn’t an unreasonable stance, even if one does not agree with it.

The Hill reports that Gabbard is doubling down on her criticism of Trump’s decision.

“I and thousands of my brothers- and sisters-in-arms went to war in Iraq based on false intelligence and lies from our leaders — our president, military and political leaders. We should have been skeptical then, and we weren’t,” she said. “The cost was thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars down the drain. What to speak of millions of non-American lives.” …

“No leader — of either party, pro or against military intervention — should let our President take us down the path to another regime change war without that debate.”

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