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Edmonton Oilers’ fans take over singing U.S. national anthem

Here are the details you need…and the video you’ll want to see: An incredible momentWhen the mic doesn’t work, the crowd takes over & belts out The Star-Spangled Banner……In Edmonton🇺🇸🇨🇦 #StanleyCup — NHL (@NHL) April 30, 2017 Advertisements

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Which CFL team had the best off-season?

The CBC takes a look at some of the most important changes each Canadian Football League team made during the off-season. Now, you tell me…

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EU, to UK PM May: Open your eyes to reality; critic, to both sides: Grow up

The Times reports that leaders of the European Union absolutely blistered UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Why? The other 27 EU member states took just four minutes to agree a hardline stance on Brexit at a summit meeting in Brussels … Continue reading

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It would appear I owe Donald Trump an apology

Earlier today, I made a big, and I mean a BIG, deal out of President Trump’s call for Loyalty Day on May 1. It turns out I goofed, because as Esquire reports, this is not a new, Trump-era holiday. Loyalty … Continue reading

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Trump: May 1 is now Loyalty Day in the U.S.

It sounds like something the leader of a totalitarian regime would order: a loyalty day. But, as FOX News reports, Donald Trump has made clear that May 1 will be Loyalty Day in the U.S. “The United States stands as … Continue reading

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Is this the smoking gun? The Guardian: UK was given details of alleged contacts between Trump campaign and Moscow

The Guardian is reporting this morning something that could — and I emphasize could because the claims must be investigated and validated — be the smoking gun between the Trump campaign and Russia. The December memo alleged that four Trump … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Social media rep for St. Louis Blues shuts down racist remark (language NSF Kids)

It happened during Game 1 of the NHL Western Conference Semifinal series between the Nashville Predators and the St. Louis Blues. When Nashville’s P. K. Subban scored to make it 2-0, the score was noted by the official Blues’ Twitter … Continue reading

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