He says he was fired because he wouldn’t dumb down a college course. Is he right?

Inside Higher Ed looks at the controversial dismissal of a Colorado college professor.

“While it is impossible to say with absolute certainty that Bork’s dismissal was an act of retaliation by the [college] administration,” reads the AAUP report, “we can say with certainty that the timeline of events is suggestive, the circumstances of the dismissal are extraordinary and the administration’s stated rationale is unconvincing. Moreover, even if the administration were not engaging in retaliation against Bork, its actions have convinced many faculty members that it was.”

KUNC reported on Bork’s dismissal late last year, noting

After implementing the new standards, he says it felt he was teaching an overpriced high school class. Bork wrote to the Higher Learning Commission – CCA’s state accreditor – and to CCA’s administration expressing concern that the school was making his class too easy.

“I said — this is my interpretation — that this is the soft bigotry of low expectations, that students are going to leave CCA with an associates degree but they’re not going to have any actual college education behind that degree,” Bork says. “And when they go out to the job market or they go out to the four year colleges, they will not be prepared to compete.”

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