Local news coverage sunk Trumpcare?

The Columbia Journalism Review’s daily “Media Today” newsletter suggests that the power of local television news cannot be forgotten when examining why Trumpcare failed as it did.

An excerpt from that newsletter:

“The GOP’s decision to pull the American Health Care Act, which would have repealed most of the major provisions of Obamacare, reflects in no small measure the groundswell of opposition from local news outlets,” Lieberman writes. Cataloging opposition to the bill in newspapers and local television reports from Trump-voting states including Louisiana, Michigan, Virginia, Montana, and others, Lieberman finds a mixture of editorials and reported pieces that stirred up objections to the impact the AHCA would have on local communities.

While national news centered on Washington infighting and headline numbers, these local outlets brought the story home to their audiences by focusing on the specific implications the bill held for their communities. During a week in which it was easy to get caught up in cable news coverage and factional battles in DC, Lieberman reminds us that local news retains its influence.

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