More than 200 people dead; U.S.-led coalition acknowledges role; Trump silent

The Los Angeles Times reports that Pentagon officials believe a U.S.-led coalition delivered an air strike that had deadly consequences.

The airstrike, if confirmed, would mark the deadliest civilian casualty incident by far since the U.S. military began it involvement in mid-2014.The credibility assessment, in which the military gathers and analyzes an array of information that is both classified and public, is expected to take two to three weeks.

The focus of inquiry will be whether the coalition airstrike hit the building; whether an accumulation of airstrikes in the area degraded the structural integrity of the building before it fell; or whether the Islamic State detonated an explosion after the air strike to bring the building down.

“This sort of assessment is really complex,” Thomas said. “It gets especially difficult to determine what happened in certain areas of the city where the streets are so narrow that large vehicles cannot get through.”

Reuters adds that the United Nations has voiced its concerns over what happened. One person who hasn’t voiced anything: Donald Trump.

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