NFL, to Colin Kaepernick: Nope, we’re not done making your life he**

Photo: Anthony Moretti

The Washington Post’s Kevin Blackistone hits the proverbial nail on the head: The National Football League is getting even with quarterback Colin Kaepernick, whose “sin” was to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem on multiple occasions last season.

It wasn’t just that Kaepernick last season dramatically protested the extrajudicial killings of mostly unarmed black men in this country by police who rarely get charged for their actions, let alone prosecuted or convicted. It was that he chose the anthem as his platform. By kneeling during its rendition, he appeared to mar the package of patriotism the NFL put together over the last half century that helped it overtake baseball as America’s sporting pastime.

Kill a few dogs? The NFL will take you back. Sexually assault a couple women? Ditto. Beat your kid? Same thing.

But don’t you dare silently and within the law protest.

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