So long, Saskatchewan. (And Chris Jones had better turn out to be right.)

Photo: Dominic Moretti 27Nov2016 explores how a popular and now former Roughrider is saying goodbye to Saskatchewan.

What Darian Durant wanted to be a quick pack job gave way at points to timeouts for nostalgia. His Saskatchewan Roughriders jerseys, the green t-shirts and sweats, the mementos, they all brought him back for a few seconds, a piece-by-piece flashback of what’s almost been a third of his life in a place that when he was a kid, he’d never heard of. A place that he never knew could bring him so much joy and eventually, so much pain.

Suffice to say that Durant’s time in Regina ended poorly. He was treated as yesterday’s news by Chris Jones. Jones, who seems to hold every title but team owner, made the decision to send Durant away, suggesting on one hand that contract differences couldn’t be overcome and on the other hand that Durant’s best days were behind him.

Trading him to Montreal could turn out to be a smart call, but for now the Roughriders have no legitimate starting quarterback. (Vince Young? Please. Kevin Glenn? Uh, no.) And the team also has a public-relations disaster on its hands; Durant was a leader on the field and a top-notch guy off it.

Jones doesn’t appear to be an extend-the-hand-of-apology kind of guy, so there’s little reason to think he will back away from some of his blunt comments about Durant. So what happens if Durant, playing in the currently softer Eastern Division, catches fire and guides Montreal to a Grey Cup (let’s set aside whether the Alouettes win the game) while Saskatchewan remains mired near the basement of the Western Division and still chasing Grey Cup dreams?

That might not be far-fetched.

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