Hey, great timing! While I’m in New York City, The Atlantic posts a story of what would happen if a nuke fell on the city

Looking at over Washington Square Park from the second floor of the Kimmel Center at NYU, on March 15, 2017. Photo: Anthony Moretti

Thanks a lot, The Atlantic for posting a story about New York City coping with a nuclear blast…while I’m here!

Perhaps the most interesting part of the story is…

We’ve found that people seem to be reasonably well behaved and do what they’ve been trained to, or are asked or told to do by local authorities. Reports from 9/11 show that people walked down many tens of flights of stairs, relatively quietly, sometimes carrying each other, to escape buildings.

If Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin or any other leader who governs a country that has nukes is thinking about leveling this place…how about you wait until Saturday. My train is supposed to get me out of here on Friday.

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