“Fox and Friends” anchor bemoans mainstream media not telling both sides of a story

“Fox and Friends”, which appears to be President Trump’s favorite “news” program, is most certainly kind to the current administration.

It also is soaring in popularity. The Los Angeles Times reports the show posted its highest-ever audience numbers during the first full month of Trump’s presidency.

One of its hosts told the newspaper there is no secret to the show’s success.

“If you watch the mainstream media, more often than not nowadays after the election there is a lot of negativity and not telling both sides of the story, especially when it comes to Donald Trump,” [Ainsley Earhardt] said. “Clearly he was elected and most of our viewers on both sides of the aisle would say that they want to give him a fair shake.”

Is she therefore claiming that her show does deliver both sides of the story, no matter what that story might be?

It would appear Ms. Earhardt would fit right in with a bunch of new “journalists” who are covering the White House on a daily basis. The New Yorker notes that seasoned and real journalists can easily spot the phonies.

Most of the White House correspondents from these outlets are younger than thirty. “At best, they don’t know what they’re doing,” a radio correspondent told me. “At worst, you wonder whether someone is actually feeding them softball questions.” He added, “You can’t just have a parade of people asking, ‘When and how do you plan to make America great again?’ ”

Indeed, reporting about the presidential administration — no matter where that group of people falls on the political spectrum — requires intensity, diligence, and grit.

Sure, someone reading this is going to suggest that my political biases are evident; I’m ripping FOX and other conservative news outlets and suggesting they are not legitimate news outlets because I’m clearly a liberal pinhead.

Try again.

There are two sides to that story, if some of those organizations would ask the correct kinds of questions.

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