Conservatives know to keep their mouths shut. Or else.

The Los Angeles Times reports people on the right of the political spectrum who work in one particular industry are keeping their mouths shut. And that’s because

For the vast majority of conservatives … going to set or the office each day has become a game of avoidance and secrecy. The political closet is now a necessity for many…


Blackballing, or whatever similar term you want to use, any individual because of his or her political beliefs is un-American. If we are not free to state our political, religious or other beliefs because of a fear of retaliation of some kind, then what exactly is freedom of speech all about?

Now, mind you, freedom of speech can — and should — be sanctioned by employers when someone says something that is openly hostile. I’m not backing down from something I wrote almost one year ago, when I supported the decision to fire a Pittsburgh news anchor for her shameful comments about race.

But people who think they will face real professional penalties for saying something that exists within the mainstream of politics is something else. Let’s stop this nonsense.

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