The Podcast Profs continue to show important disagreements in their “Greatest American” tournament

The Podcast Profs broke down the “Mark Twain bracket” (the lower half of the left side of the bracket) as their “Greatest American” tournament continues.

Surprise, surprise…they didn’t unanimously agree on who should advance. Take a listen to what they said, and remember to offer your opinions.

To date, Fanning has advanced (starting with the upper left):

Rustin, Edison, Ali, Boone, Bly, Gates, Armstrong, Douglass, Twain, LaMarr, Carnegie, Sagan, Ford, Henry, Franklin and Cronkite.

Moretti has advanced:

King, Edison, Ali, Boone, Bly, Gates, Tarbell, Spock, Fulton, LaMarr, Carnegie, Sagan, Hope, Jobs, Franklin and Cronkite.

During the week of March 20, we’ll do the first-round match-ups in the “Lewis and Clark” (upper right) and “Jonas Salk”  (lower right) brackets).

After that, it’s the second round, which will cut the list of 32 down to just 16.

Keep listening and telling us what you think!

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