If you’re an educator and consider yourself a liberal…

3Jan2016 Photo: Anthony Moretti

…then at least one British educator has a message for you.

Writing in The Conversation, Paul Taylor asks why left-leaning educators appear closed-minded on an important issue. He states,

It is reassuring to think that ignorance and bigotry are the cause of all our woes. But what about the nonintellectual reasons why academics might support membership of the EU so uncritically?

When experts are viewed with such famous disdain, perhaps academics should ask themselves why there is such a large gap between “town and gown”. Technocrats of all political hues have done very well from the EU gravy train. But the European working class continues to suffer from the problems caused by the Euro’s status as a secular sacrament.

Yet the academic community appears unquestioningly to support the EU. There is a worryingly lazy assumption made by most left leaning, social democrat academics that support of the EU automatically qualifies as a form of progressive politics. This is even though, as a concept, the EU’s core belief in the free movement of labour is more akin to neo-liberal economic orthodoxy. And transient capital tends to work as a weapon against working class pay and conditions.

Ouch. Need some salve for that burn he just left? (Or is he full of himself?)

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