You’d better watch your favorite ESPN on-air personality while you can…

…because he or she could be out the door soon.

An excerpt from today’s Morning Media Newsfeed, produced by AdWeek:

ESPN will have significant cost-cutting over the next four months on its talent side (people in front of the camera or audio/digital screen). (Sports Illustrated)

ESPN is reportedly looking to shed tens of millions of dollars in salary, and will also buy out some existing contracts. (Mediaite)

The scrutiny of talent comes as ESPN faces new challenges in managing costs as subscribers decline and the costs of securing rights to air live sports events continue to rise over time. (Variety)

No announcement has been made about which personalities will be affected, but it seems those with contracts up for renewal may be cut first. The last time ESPN cut talent was in 2015. Keith Olbermann and Bill Simmons, both of whom had expensive contracts, were among the big names who were cut loose. (CNNMoney)

ESPN’s ad revenue fell 7 percent in the last three months of 2016. Ratings fell for SportsCenter and for Monday Night Football, but the quarter also was hit by the shift of three College Football Playoff games into the current quarter. But ESPN’s subscribers, as measured by Nielsen, fell to 90 million last year from 92 million in 2015. (Deadline)

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