Watch RT, if you wish, but…

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…remember this admonition from the Globe and Mail, which writes,

A blatantly biased news machine furthering the views of Vladimir Putin and attempting to present the world from his point of view. …

But it’s not funny. It’s a bracing, brazen example of skewing the news coverage. And it is not without power and influence. It is commonly accepted that RT pays American cable and satellite companies handsomely to carry the channel. It has a lot of money to spend and has slick, well-staffed channels in several countries.

One Russian TV crew tried to be slick in Sweden and failed miserably. Foreign Policy reports

“They came up to us and said they wanted to see some action. They wanted to bribe us 400 [krona] each,” Mohammed, a Rinkeby resident, told Danish radio station Radio24syv. (400 krona is about $45.)

But when Swedish police approached the camera crew and group of youngsters, the Russian journalists suddenly changed their tune. “While we were talking to them, the police came over to us. We did not want to do any of that. But when the police came the Russian journalists said that we were the ones who had said that we would show them some action for 400 [krona] each,” said the boy.

The Russian TV crew didn’t identify their outlet. But it falls in line with a wider pattern of Russian state-funded media portraying Europe as falling apart due to immigration.

Read that again. A TV crew tried to make up the news when it didn’t find the protest scene it wanted. Journalism is not acting. It is not made by making up events. Hmmm…I wonder if that message also is understood by non-news sites such as Breitbart?

Meanwhile, it will be worth watching (eh, maybe) how RT dissects North Korea’s missile program and nuclear ambitions. The Moscow Times already has and reports

For Russia, North Korea has only ever served one purpose: as a buffer state. The Soviet Union supported Pyongyang, seeing it as Communism’s eastern outpost and a bulwark against the U.S.’s pacific interests. Much of this support was economic and relations between North Korea and Russia today are a hangover from the past.

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