Trump off the rails again, and Americans should remain vigilant in asking why


Donald Trump went rogue, or maybe beyond rogue, again when he took to Twitter to claim that his predecessor had his phones tapped during the 2016 presidential election. (You can find his tweets at the bottom of this blog post.)

It didn’t take long for the media to assess Trump’s accusations and determine they were baloney.

CNN called them “baseless.” From overseas, the Independent warned that the tweets were “transparently distraction tactics” to deflect attention from the renewed questions of the multiple contacts members of this election team and Cabinet had with the Russians last year. (For what it’s worth, top Russian officials and Trump have used almost identical language to describe the pressure to respond to the ongoing probe.)

As Reuters notes, President Obama strongly denied tapping Trump’s phones. And also remember that Trump offered no evidence to support his outrageous allegations.

Another week commences with Americans needing to ask if their president has the emotional and mental toolkit to function. These questions might be more important than any that might be asked about Russian contacts or interference during last year’s election.

Trump’s tirade came just days after he gave an address to Congress that was well-received by this blogger, as I noted that

…he abandoned the harshest of rhetorical devices, opting instead to demonstrate a respect for the office he holds and for the chamber in which he spoke.

His supporters must have been pleasantly surprised; his critics had to wonder what had happened to the blustery, boastful and braggadocios man who has torn into foe after foe for more than one year.

Other people offered equally positive or critical reviews of what the president said, but there was a sense that maybe, just maybe, Trump had turned a corner. Perhaps he would start acting like a statesman.

His Twitter tirade snuffed out that hope. And again raised the issue of whether Trump is capable of remaining in the office.

Those aforementioned Trump tweets:

His first tweet seemed angry:

In his second, he went a step further:

His final tweet made his anger all the more palpable:

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