A hockey player takes to the ice wearing number 66. Pittsburgh implodes. (Grow up.)


This message associated with this blog post is straightforward: The angry portion of the Pittsburgh sports fandom need to clam up. And grow up.

A swath of the sports fans in this city is angry because… y’all ready for this… an NHL player took to the ice wearing number 66. (Oh. My. God!)

For those of you reading this who are not hockey fans, that number was worn by one of the best to ever play the game: Mario Lemieux. And guess where he played his entire career?

You got it. Pittsburgh.

Now, remember, the NHL has not retired 66. It has retired 99, which was worn by THE best-ever player Wayne Gretzky (do not debate me on this). There will never be another NHL player wearing 99.

But 66 is still available for any player who wants to wear it.

So, why did Josh Ho-Sang do that? Yahoo Sports dissects the (ridiculous) controversy,  noting

Ho-Sang wore the number as a tribute to Lemieux, the fourth-greatest player of all-time, whom he said was “a little more dynamic on the skill side than Wayne [Gretzky].” …

Ho-Sang has been wearing No. 66 since he was 15 years old. He wore it in Windsor of the Ontario Hockey League. He’s wearing it again in the NHL, and on the day of his first game it became “a thing.”

And “a thing” that angered plenty of hockey fans in Pittsburgh.

To those sports fans, I suggest grow up. And shut up. You have nothing to stand on here in your self-righteousness.

Circle March 24 on your calendar. That night, Ho-Sang and the New York Islanders play the Penguins in Pittsburgh.

Pass the popcorn.

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