The Podcast Profs Greatest American Bracket



There it is: the 64 living or deceased Americans who The Podcast Profs believe deserve to be considered in the “Greatest American” conversation. If you’d prefer to see the bracket as a PDF: tppbracket

Beginning March 3, The Podcast Profs will hold their version of March Madness as they winnow the field of 64 down to just one.

Who will they pick as the greatest American? Will they disagree? To find out, you’ll need to listen to The Profs’ weekly podcasts throughout March and into early April. (The complete schedule is below.)

Now, remember, The Podcast Profs put some limitations on who could be in the discussion. No nationally elected political official was allowed into the playoff. Neither was his or her spouse.

There also were eight categories: Activists, Explorers, Athletes, Inventors, Writers/Journalists, Scientists, Businessmen/women and Under-the-Radar Greats. Eight people make up each category. Without a doubt, quality people — no matter their professional field — didn’t make the tournament.

And absolutely, if there’s someone who isn’t in the field but should have been, you need to tell the profs where they goofed!

Your votes will help us determine the winner. So, be sure to like The Profs’ Facebook page and then vote.

Here’s the schedule:

Friday, March 3: MLK and Nellie Bly brackets

Friday, March 10: Mark Twain and Henry Ford brackets

Monday, March 20: Lewis and Clark, and J. P. Morgan brackets

Friday, March 24: Jonas Salk and Babe Ruth brackets

Friday, March 31: The Elite Eight:

MLK bracket winner vs Bly bracket winner

Twain bracket winner vs Ford bracket winner

Lewis/Clark bracket winner vs Morgan bracket winner

Salk bracket winner vs Ruth bracket winner

Friday, April 7: The Final Four and Championship

King/Bly vs Twain/Ford

LandC/Morgan vs Salk/Ruth

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