BREAKING: Wendy Bell no longer speaking at Point Park University

Photo: Anthony Moretti 2Oct2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti 2Oct2016

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the details.

Reached by Facebook messenger Wednesday night, Ms. Bell said, “My attorney has advised me that with my upcoming litigation, now is not a good time to participate in such talks. I look forward to a discussion at Point Park perhaps in the future. Thanks for your inquiry. Have a good night.”

Andrew Conte, director of the Center for Media Innovation said that Ms. Bell’s decision wasn’t a surprise given the legal circumstances.

“It’s unfortunate. This was finally a chance to hear from her in a public forum,” he said. “It’s been almost a year and we’ve heard from a lot of other people on this, but not from Wendy herself.”

The controversy about the invitation to invite Bell played out quickly. For most of Wednesday, there was no discussion of her invitation being yanked.

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One Response to BREAKING: Wendy Bell no longer speaking at Point Park University

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it says a lot when your professional peers believe you are not a good example to talk to students.
    Also, she was never going to talk about what she did last year and those who thought she would do not understand legal matters. (I don’t fully understand legal matters either, but at least I know when there’s an ongoing lawsuit, “I can’t comment,” is always the answer.

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