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Wait, what? A college cheerleading team involved with prostitution?

WMBF has details that we need to dissect. Let’s begin with how the university’s president learned about the alleged misconduct. The station interviewed a member of the cheerleading squad soon after multiple teammates had been interviewed by the police. The cheerleader … Continue reading

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Supporting diversity = threat to academic freedom?

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that at least two groups equate asking potential hires to confirm their support for diversity to a threat to academic freedom. The Oregon affiliate of the National Association of Scholars has issued a report accusing … Continue reading

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SLOW DOWN! There might be little to Michael Flynn’s testimony

The Trump haters are starting to emulate sharks that sense blood in the water. They are almost frantic in the search for the source, eager to turn it into a meal. The news from late Thursday announcing that Michael Flynn, … Continue reading

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FBI director Comey’s Twitter account (likely) uncovered did the digging, and the report offers an important lesson on deduction and investigating. ProjectExile7 follows 27 other accounts, the majority of which are either reporters, news outlets, or official government and law enforcement accounts. The New York Times’ … Continue reading

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UL-Monroe officials should be ashamed: a RUNNING TRACK > science? Uh, no.

The Washington Post has the details. The curators were given 48 hours to find a new place on campus to store the collection — something they weren’t able to do. Now they must get another institution to take their several … Continue reading

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Stunning announcement: Successful U. of North Dakota women’s hockey team eliminated

Minnesota Public Radio looks at what’s behind the decision to drop three sports, including women’s hockey, at the University of North Dakota. “A decision has been reached that allows us to address the requested reductions in budget, conference sports sponsorship … Continue reading

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Another thug government imprisoning journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists reports that at least eight journalists remain in jail in one eastern European country. Why? Because the government didn’t appreciate those journalists covering recent protests. On March 23, CPJ reported on the obstruction of at … Continue reading

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