Conway gets the “no way” on TV appearances

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jan2017

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jan2017

This excerpt comes from this morning’s Morning Media Newsfeed, which is produced by AdWeek:

Kellyanne Conway, once the most visible spokesperson for the Trump White House, was sidelined from television appearances for a week for making statements that were at odds with the administration’s official stance, White House sources told CNN Wednesday. Conway, who appeared on Fox News on Wednesday night, has not given a television interview since early last week. On that Monday, she told MSNBC that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had the president’s “full confidence.” Hours later, Flynn resigned. (CNNMoney)

Conway denied Wednesday that the White House had sidelined her from making TV appearances, telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity on his show that reports to the contrary were “trying to start up trouble.” Conway told Hannity that only “about 5 percent” of her advisory role to President Trump involves appearing on TV, “and I think that’s about right because he’s the president now and he’s his own best messenger.” (Fox News)

Even before that MSNBC interview, Conway’s presence seemed to have peaked. After a series of particularly contentious interviews, CNN reportedly began passing on interviews with Conway. Morning Joe, the MSNBC show that is known to count Trump as a fan, also reportedly refused to have her on. She had also recently committed a rather big, unforced error—schilling for Ivanka Trump’s business interests during a Fox News interview. (Mashable)

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