Leicester City goes from champs to chumps in mere months


Was it really just nine months ago that Leicester City did the improbable and won the English Premier League title? (The answer is yes.)

Could the Foxes, made up of almost the same players from one season ago, soon be heading to relegation? (The answer is quite probably.)

How could this happen? How could a team go from the penthouse to the outhouse in one season? The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the rise and fall of Leicester City.

The hard correction has come in nearly every department. There were useless signings in the transfer market, a key departure, and a raging hangover. Leicester is also dealing with a side-effect that they could do nothing about: Last season left the rest of the league royally steamed. The English superpowers all returned stronger, determined to figure out Leicester’s act.

And they did.

Leicester has 13 Premier League matches remaining; three of them are against clubs below them in the table. Winning those three matches seems mandatory if relegation is to be avoided. But picking up the nine points that would come from those three wins still might not be enough to finish 17th or higher. (The 18th, 19th and 20th teams are relegated to the Championship Division.)

Champs to chumps? Seems likely.

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