URGENT: Details of Swedish terror event unfolding

Public domain

Public domain

STOCKHOLM — (NOT AP): Sweden’s prime minister Gustav Storiorden has urged his country remain calm after Friday night’s terror attack.

“We are a strong and resolute people,” the prime minister said during a hastily called press conference at Erik the Red Mountain, about 50 miles from Stockholm and where he had been enjoying a weekend of skiing and drinking.

The attack happened after fans of the Djurgarden hockey team threw stuffed teddy bears on the ice after their team gave up three 3rd period goals to Skelleftea.

Djurgarden’s loss dropped the team into 6th place, while Skelleftea remains in last place.

“One second the ice was white, and, like boom, the next we were surrounded by bears,” Skelleftea goaltender Olaf Olaf said. “But we have a strong Viking heritage, especially in Minnesota I am told, so we know not to be afraid of bears.

The attack on the players sent fans running in fear, as the Swedish police tried to figure out who to punish. Throwing teddy bears is punishable by a 10 krona (approximately $1.30) fine and the loss of drinking privileges for one week.

The attack drew international headlines when U.S. president Donald Trump stated that the hockey fans were radical Islamic Swedish terrorists who would immediately be banned from entering the U.S.

“They are horrible people, sad, evil,” the president said. “They will never set foot in Madison Square Garden.”

When asked about President Trump’s response, Prime Minister Storiorden uttered a popular Swedish proverb: “Arga katter far rivet skinn.

(And what does Stor i Orden mean? Find out here)

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