The Podcast Profs have something in common with the Russians and with almost three-dozen medical professionals

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 30May2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 30May2016

The Podcast Profs take a deep dive into the still unclear relationship between the Trump administration and the Kremlin in our latest podcast, which you can access here. Suffice to say we’re concerned that important questions about promises that might have been made and information that might have been shared remain unanswered.

Foreign Policy reports there are signs that Russians are turning on Trump, most noticeably because

the last few weeks of Trump’s administration have been marked by signs of weakness. The president’s controversial executive order banning refugees and immigration from several Muslim-majority countries was met with large-scale protests, and then stayed by judges; his nominees for high-ranking positions have been met with opposition.

And the less commanding Trump has seemed, the less alluring he has come across — not just to Americans, but to Russians, too.

Russia was not the only issue we examined this week.

At one point, we discuss what we consider to be the often irrational behavior of the president. Consider this letter to the editor submitted to the New York Times as you evaluate whether what we said has any merit.

And you might enjoy the “Under the Radar” story as well!


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