The power of the source

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jan2017

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jan2017

An excerpt from today’s Columbia Journalism Review daily newsletter:

The early days of the Trump administration have seen an abundance of leaks. Some leaks have trafficked in the sort of backbiting and character assassination that signals nothing more than warring power centers and personal vendettas within the West Wing. But CJR columnist Trevor Timm writes that others “have halted a Trump appointment and controversial policies in their tracks, and [serve as] a lesson showing how whistleblowers and leaks to the press are vital for democracy.”

Noting the Obama administration’s hostility to the actions of people like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, Timm says “it’s now more clear than ever that we will need more people like them in the next few years if we really want to hold the Trump administration accountable.”

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