Being Muslim and being a football player? No problem.

Photo: Anthony Moretti 27Nov2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti 27Nov2016

Much has been written in recent weeks about Muslims and what they do (or what certain politicians want us to believe they do).

You might want to check out what a former Canadian Football League player wrote about being true to his Islamic faith and to his sport. has the story.

My father taught me that no matter where we go or what we do, we are an example of what Islam is. We look a little different, we act a little different, we might dress a little different so people will always be looking at us, and we have to embody the best things of what our faith teaches us.

During my nine years playing in the CFL, I had countless discussions about race and religion. In the pros, it’s very different: if college is a brotherhood, the pros are a business. My teammates didn’t really care that I was Muslim, or that I didn’t drink alcohol, or that I fasted, as long as I did my job. My faith was a talking point, but there were never any negative feelings or heated moments.

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