Make Amer…uh…China Great Again?

Public Domain image

Public Domain image

Writing in the Japan Times, journalist Philip Bowring suggests Donald Trump is indeed Making China Great Again.

Trump arrived in office waving his nationalist club. Yes, the trade deficit is a problem and clearly by far the biggest part of that problem is China — at least judging by the raw merchandise trade data China is also the one country least given to reciprocity of investment and service sector access. …

The new power challenging the U.S. is China, and nowhere more so than in East Asia. In “Making America Great Again,” China should be first on the list of international concerns for Trump. And yet, no sooner than Trump arrived in office did he start beating up on America’s friends, not China. First in line: Canada and Mexico. …

For the U.S.’ partners in the Asia-Pacific, Trump’s ditching of the Trans-Pacific Partnership was another insult. The project had many flaws and may have stalled anyway, but its brutal killing sent a message of contempt to such diverse actors as Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia.

The Chinese have scarcely been able to contain their glee. U.S. friends around the region note that China will fill any vacuum Washington leaves.

Meanwhile, any faith in America as a reliable ally is undermined.

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