The New York Times is great again. The New York Times is not so great again.


An excerpt from today’s Morning Media Newsfeed by AdWeek:

New York Times’ 2016 Q4 earnings report, released Thursday, was definitely a 2016-2017 story. There was the rise in digital and drop in print advertising revenue that has been the publishing industry story for years. There was the large growth in subscriptions that may have been a customer vote of confidence in response to the 2016 election results, and there was the very definitive response by Times CEO Mark Thompson to President Trump’s penchant for sending out “failing @nytimes” tweets. (Fishbowl)

The Times has reported its best quarter in adding digital subscriptions since launching its paid model. The paper said Thursday it gained 276,000 new subscribers during the fourth quarter, the largest three-month rise since 2011. (THR)

In total, those subscribers—digital and print, heavy on Sunday—now total more than 3 million, by far the highest total in the storied paper’s long run. (Politico Media)

Since announcing his run for the White House, the president has dedicated dozens of tweets at slamming the Grey Lady. A few days ago, Trump took to Twitter to once again rip into the paper, this time claiming its coverage of him had resulted in the publication losing subscribers. (Mediaite)

Not all the Times’ financial news was good. Profits for the quarter were down slightly compared to the same period in 2015, and print advertising revenue declined 20 percent, marginally worse than the terrible third quarter the Times and other newspaper organizations reported late last year. (Poynter)

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