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REACTION: Trump’s address to Congress

Donald Trump took almost one full hour to layout what he believes America needs to do in order to be a great nation when it celebrates its 250th anniversary in nine years. What made this address to Congress different is … Continue reading

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It’s one of the world’s longest running democracies. It now is a one-party state.

Foreign Policy examines how one major party in one of the world’s oldest democracies effectively has ceased to exist, leaving the nation as a one-party state. The official opposition party is disintegrating before our eyes. It is torn between socialists … Continue reading

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Brit, to Scot: Don’t you dare leave the UK

Now this is funny: A British government spokesman has told the Scots that a second referendum on potential independence should not be held. The reason? According to Reuters, “The question is not whether there could be a second referendum, it … Continue reading

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A Seattle and Toronto MLS Cup rematch?

The 2016 MLS season ended with Seattle winning the championship despite registering zero shots on goal in the MLS Cup Final against Toronto. Those two teams look to be the elite of their conferences again. Here’s one fan’s prediction as … Continue reading

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More and more hate against Jews; more and more silence from the president

On Monday, it was bomb threats. Almost one-dozen of them, and all called in to Jewish community centers. CBS News reports almost all the threats were clustered in the northeast. Just one day after hundreds of gravestones were found vandalized … Continue reading

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What the h*ll is wrong with America, where…

…my Jewish friends shudder as one act of anti-Semitism follows another and another… …my Muslim friends fear that they might step outside the country only to be told they cannot come back in… …my Latino friends wonder if their families … Continue reading

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ANOTHER Jewish cemetery vandalized

Unless I’m mistaken, Dictator Trump has not yet posted a tweet hinting at any outrage after another Jewish cemetery was vandalized. CBS News reports the latest act of anti-Semitism happened in Philadelphia, where A police spokeswoman said preliminary estimates are … Continue reading

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