Spicer, to diplomats: Get on board with Trump or get out

Photos: Anthony Moretti 20July2016

Photos: Anthony Moretti 20July2016

You can add dissenting voices to the list of verboten characteristics for anyone who wishes to represent the U.S. while Donald Trump is president.

Yes, that fundamental value of being confident that you can politely but firmly note your disagreement with a policy being pursued by the government and not be penalized is not welcomed by the president.

Specifically, apparently only yes-men or yes-women should be employed by the State Department.

Press secretary made that warning clear when he spoke to the White House press corps today. (Video of his comments embedded in this link.)

And what upset the White House? Foreign Policy picks up the details.

The number of State Department officials signing memos protesting President Donald Trump’s immigration and refugee ban quickly surpassed 200, department officials told Foreign Policy on Monday. The exact number of signatures is unknown as several different draft versions are in circulation, but the number far outstrips the 51 signatories who spoke out against former President Barack Obama’s Syria policy last summer, a number viewed at the time as “extremely large, if not unprecedented.”

The surge in opposition to Trump’s executive order sows immediate tension between Foggy Bottom and the White House, and creates a headache for Rex Tillerson, the president’s nominee for secretary of state who’s expected to receive Senate approval on Wednesday.

I think I’m on safe ground here in suggesting that the people who are signing on to the dissent have significantly more experience with conducting foreign policy than President Trump has. But, you know, when you are never wrong, what does experience have to do with anything?

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