Sorry, but you cannot tar people who oppose Trump’s immigration ban as loser liberals

Photo: Anthony Moretti 19Jan2017

Photo: Anthony Moretti 19Jan2017

Let’s start with a statement that will have unanimous support among real Americans: Every person who lives in this country wants it to be safe. None of us wants to see a terror attack of any kind in any city, any town, any community.

I don’t think what you read from this point forward will have total agreement.

I refuse to accept any suggestion that only Muslims carry out terror attacks. One need to look to Quebec City for the latest proof; there, a Canadian citizen massacred six people at a mosque on Sunday.

Because I will not see a Muslim and think terrorist, I am among a large segment of the population that believes President Trump’s decision to ban immigrants and refugees from seven majority-Muslim nations is a mistake. One of my recent blog posts explains why I feel the way I do.

Without trying to come off as self-deprecating, I’m merely one voice in the wilderness. But I think it is important to remember that dozens within our diplomatic corps — men and women who understand international relations far better than I ever will — also have expressed their disagreement with the White House.

Before I continue, I must add that there is a large segment of the population that believes the president has done the right thing. Their position should be articulated by someone who is in that camp.

Of course, it didn’t take long for people who don’t agree with people such as me to label us liberals, losers and the like. The National Review took up that position, handing out the double whammy of bashing liberals and suggesting they can’t stand Christians:

Liberals are normally the first people to argue that American policy should give preferential treatment to groups that are oppressed and discriminated against, but because Christians are the dominant religious group here — and the bêtes noires of domestic liberals — there is little liberal interest in accommodating U.S. refugee policy to the reality on the ground in Syria.

Now, remember, I’m not a liberal; and as a Catholic, I am inclined to see Christians as rather good people. But that misses the point; once a powerful conservative media voice made the case, social media couldn’t wait to crank up the echo chamber.

Here’s a a sampling of the “hysterical,” “nasty” and whining” descriptions of liberals you can find on Twitter:

It’s alliterative, I admit, but calling liberals losers for not agreeing with this president on a misguided policy decision is simply wrong. The argument falls even flatter when one considers that a fair number of Republicans also are publicly stating their displeasure with the ban.

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