An open letter to Steve Bannon

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017


Well, aren’t you a piece of work.

You want the media to “keep its mouth shut.”

You want the media to get in line with your warped sense of the world and stop practicing journalism.

You want news agencies to be propaganda shops.

You want to see all of those who are part of “the opposition party” to instead walk lockstep with the White House.

You want Breitbart “News” to be a model for journalism.

Just what did you hope to accomplish in your verbal screed?

If you hoped to cower men and women with more journalism chops in one hand than you have in your entire body, you have failed.

If you hoped that tearing into news organizations on the heels of the administration sending a couple of people to Voice of America to, well you know, have a look around would lead to people thinking you were a tough and reasoned voice, you have failed.

If you hoped to call attention to your lack of understanding as to how journalism works, you most certainly have not failed.

I want you to understand what journalism is. I’ll make this simple for you: Political reporters make sure that public officials are acting in the interests of the people and not themselves. They gather facts (not alternative facts) and viewpoints and put them together into a coherent narrative.

Sure, the narrative might change as new facts or viewpoints become available, but their passionate commitment to being professional, reasoned, sober and serious in reporting never changes.

Some journalists pay quite the price for digging in places that governments want to remain hidden. Almost 50 such men and women paid the ultimate price in 2016 for their commitment to that professional, reasoned, sober and serious reporting.

None of them would ever have been employed by Breitbart; they were journalists, something you don’t want around you.

Journalists should keep their mouths shut? Journalists are members of “the opposition party?” I’d ask why you have such ridiculous ideas, but then I also know that journalists are “the most dishonest human beings on earth,” according to your boss.

Quite a pair, you two are.



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One Response to An open letter to Steve Bannon

  1. Caren Kaufman says:

    Excellent piece. You put my thoughts into words!

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