There’s already too much chatter about Barron Trump


Time to be blunt: Leave Barron Trump alone.

I’d repeat those three words and insert an expletive for good measure, but I think you get the idea.

No news organization should report anything he does.

No celebrity should use his or her social media platform to talk about this kid. (The decision by ‘SNL’ to suspend one of its own for a stupid tweet she posted the other night ought to serve as fair warning for anyone else thinking about such actions.)

No private citizen with access to the same social media tools should post anything about this kid. (And, no, I’m not violating my own rule in this case.)

Barron Trump is 10 years old. He cannot fully grasp and he cannot adequately respond to whatever is said or written about him.

You may say or write what you wish about his father, his mother and his step-siblings, all of whom are adults. But not him.

Leave him alone.

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