Well done, President Obama. Well done.


President Obama said farewell to the nation on Tuesday night. It was his last opportunity to remind the country of how far it has come over the eight years of his presidency.

If you don’t like what he did as president, you could stop reading right now. Or you could take a moment to read on, not because I have something especially eloquent to offer you but because Americans need not agree on every issue in order to appreciate what someone thinks.

At one point today, I tried to come up with what I thought his signature moment was.

The “go” command that allowed the U.S. military to take out Osama bin Laden ranks high on that list.

The Affordable Care Act, unfortunately called Obamacare, cannot be ignored.

The nonstop push to advance the rights of the LBGTQ  community is laudable.

Or perhaps it wasn’t a moment. Perhaps it was eight years of stable, sober, serious leadership. A scandal-free president. A scandal-free presidency.

As I watched him tonight (and here’s a link to his final address), I was again reminded of the love he has for his wife and his kids. I was again reminded that Vice President Joe Biden is far more than his political partner; he is, as the president said, “a brother.” If we judge a man by his love for the people closest to him, then this man deserves a loud and sustained applause.

In ten days, President Obama leaves office. America is a better nation in January 2017 than it was in January 2009. More people are working. The country is not weighed down by two wars. The stock market has swelled.

Well done, President Obama. Well done.

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