You hate Obamacare? Well, some people don’t.


Consider this story:

The cost of medicine & care, particularly for asthma, ate up much of our income. My spouse works hard at a good job, but medical costs made our budget tight. Then his school changed policies in anticipation of Obamacare. It offered a high-deductible plan that limited our costs. This was tremendous for us. We no longer faced an endless pile of bills & could plan for what we owed. In the worst of times, we were far better off than many. But it is a blessing to know where we stand financially.

The woman who wrote this — my wife.

So, if you wish to rip Obamacare, how about you take the time to discuss the reasons you dislike it with her. You will get an articulate, reasoned, thought out explanation of why getting rid of the Affordable Care Act would be a bad decision.


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